We're growing!

All because of you!


We're growing!

All because of you!

We want to take the time to thank all of our partners. This growth wouldn’t be possible or necessary, without y’all! Our motto has always been to grow with our partners, and that’s exactly what we have done since the day Rantoul Foods came to life. The past few years have proved to be exceptionally prosperous to all involved in the pork industry. With the growth in demand, comes Rantoul Foods’ need to update our old ways and explore new products. Follow below to see the growth you have helped us achieve & the benefits to you.

Cut Floor Expansion

Not only is this 45,000 sq. ft. facility going to be the home of our new, state-of-the-art cut floor, but also features many necessary upgrades for expansion. It will also include a box building mezzanine, a new combo cooler, and three loading docks. We broke ground on this expansion Fall 2017. We are set to finish construction this summer and begin install equipment Fall 2019.

Our biggest excitement for our cut floor is our capability to separate lefts from rights. This is going to do wonders for our precision and yields. Oddly enough, by separating the two sides, we will be be moving slower while increasing our output. We will also have the ability to double our capacity without needing to double our employment. We look forward to bettering our cuts for you all. 

Technology Upgrades

Loin Puller

  • Laser detection for exact cutting

  • Better yields & consistency

  • Squarer back ribs


  • Custom specs. available

  • Water jet trimming

  • Better yield for slicing

  • Larger & straighter cut bellies

Individual COV Lines

  • One line for each primal

  • More vac product availability

  • Slowing seal time to improve quality


L & R Separation

  • Better yields due to more precise cutting

  • Reduced line speed with ability to double our output


We began construction on our CO2 Facility last fall, but due to the good ‘ole Midwestern weather the timeline was pushed back a bit. Construction of a CO2 involves digging nearly 40 ft. deep, which can be quite difficult for our crazy seasons!

By using both our old and new CO2 machines, we will be able to meet our USDA assigned capacity; potentially increasing our hogs harvested per hour by 37%. Another benefit to utilizing both machines, is that it allows us to slow down our harvest time and therefore, increasing the welfare of the hog.

SPOILER ALERT: We are so eager to complete this project so that we can break ground on our new and improved barn expansion!




Waste Water Treatment Center


Animal by-product conversion facility

Opportunity for utilization of the entire hog

Utilizing all Trim-Rite & Rantoul Foods’ by-product

Most state-of-the-art Rendering Facility to date

Capability to process 300,000 lbs. in an 11 hour period.

Producing 75,000 lbs. of Bone Meal and 11,000 gals. of Choice White Grease.