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The pork people

With over 60 years in the business, we KNOW pork.


The pork people

With over 60 years in the business, we KNOW pork.

The Rantoul Foods focused processing advantage uses state of the art European technology to create the best yields, the best meat color, longer shelf life and most importantly product consistency, reducing your costs of further fabrication.

The Rantoul Foods quality difference – our harvesting and fabricating process

Rantoul Foods offers our partners a state of the art harvesting and fabricating system that results in the HIGHEST quality finished goods.

The Rantoul Foods advantages

  • Barn and pen designed by Temple Grandin, providing the inbound pigs a stress free and humane environment. This special design has no right angle corners.
  • To achieve the very best meat quality while promoting animal welfare, we installed a best of class side loading CO2 stunner designed in Europe.
  • Cleanliness - what does it mean to Rantoul Foods? We keep a close eye on cleanliness throughout every step of the harvesting and fabricating process. The carcass is exposed to no less than 17 cleaning points prior to USDA inspections. This ‘green’ system uses less water and energy while eliminating cross contamination.
  • We have taken automation to a new level on the harvesting side resulting in consistent yields, elimination of operator errors, increased hygiene, and worker safety by the use of robots handling the most difficult jobs.
  • After evisceration, inspection, grading and further sanitization the carcass is moved into a quick chill tunnel. This process protects the meat quality as it seals the carcass for moisture retention, optimum PH level and meat color. We are led to believe that our stun to chill time is one of the shortest in the industry. 
  • Additional ‘green’ refrigeration capacity has been installed at Rantoul Foods using less power.
  • Further Rantoul Foods advantages include; an automatic loin puller for consistent specifications, Leblanc cut floor design - for increased efficiencies and throughput, slower line speed for reduced operator error and fatigue—netting high meat quality for our partners.

Customer Focus

Many companies claim to be customer focused. But at Rantoul Foods, we deliver.

It starts with your own dedicated sales representative; your single point of contact for all issues. This person works with you in the beginning to document your specifications and will remain closely involved through delivery. Your sales representative is responsible for your overall satisfaction, including explaining our process, answering question, fast problem resolution, or anything else that you may need.

Our customer focus goes beyond customer service. We listen and use feedback in developing or enhancing our product offering and production process. As it is our mission to provide you with the highest quality pork products, it makes sense that we include your valuable feedback in helping our partners.

Make to Order

We make your product exactly to your specifications. Our pork products are delivered to you the way you need it, fresh or frozen because your raw materials are received, prepared to your specifications, packaged, and shipped out in a minimal amount of time. This is our guarantee to you.

Packaging Options

To ensure that your product arrives in prime condition, Rantoul Foods offers a variety of packing options. We offer both standard and custom packing options to fit virtually any specification you or your product may need. Select from combos, poly lined boxes, vacuum packing, and more.

Offal products

Ask us about our offal products and why we feel they are the best in the industry.

Flexible Process

Rantoul Foods has designed its plant and specially trained its employees to accommodate virtually any process necessary to produce your products to order. We start with only the raw materials you need and then process your product by the most efficient means, so that the end result meets your specific requirements.

What does this mean to you? It means that you don't have to make any changes in your product or process to accommodate the custom product that we supply to you. Our product arrives ready for you to use, and that saves you time and money.

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The pork people


The pork people

Rantoul Foods was created when the owners of Trim-Rite Foods purchased the former Meadowbrook Farms Facility in Rantoul Illinois on September 17th, 2010. This state of the art harvesting facility, located in the heartland of America, serves customers from all over the world with pork customized to their exacting specifications.

Rantoul Foods benefits from the experience and relationships that Trim-Rite personnel have built over 60 years in the pork boning business. Our success is a result of more than using the highest quality meat products available. It's a company-wide dedication to serving our customers. From making your product to order, to our ability to customize your pork products to your exact specifications, to our many packaging options, Rantoul Foods is sure to deliver your satisfaction.

Rantoul Foods and Trim-Rite Foods are sister companies servicing the Retail, Foodservice, Further Processing and Export Markets with fresh and frozen pork.