Rantoul Foods prides itself on our ability to provide outstanding customer service and deliver to you the very best products made to your specifications. Our company culture, from the dock workers to the front office, is motivated to ensure your satisfaction.


Rantoul Foods has significant experience in working with industry food processors and takes great pride in delivering quality, fresh pork products that meet their frequently stringent specifications. If you are a food processor, you can be confident that Rantoul Foods will:

  • Deliver to your specific process and product specifications
  • Produce product in a just-in-time manner
  • Accommodate your capacity requirements and be able to scale appropriately for surges

If you represent a food processor, contact one of our sales representatives today to discuss how Rantoul Foods can meet all of your needs in fresh pork.


Retailers, Restaurants & Distributors

Rantoul Foods is very experienced and fully capable of servicing the special needs of retail operators, restaurants and food distributors. Specifically, Rantoul Foods can

  • Accommodate your timing and delivery needs
  • Ensure product freshness using our top-of-the-line freezing process
  • Store your product if necessary.

If you represent a restaurant or food distributor, contact one of our sales representatives today to discuss how Rantoul Foods can meet all of your needs in fresh pork.

Rantoul Foods supplies top-quality, custom pork boning services, and we pride ourselves on delivering products to your exact specifications giving you the highest level of customer service.

Our product attributes include;

  • Hand-trimmed leaving the yield lose at the plant and not at your dock.
  • Made from the finest available market weight hogs.
  • Products segregated and separated by weight scale.
  • State of the art plant provides maximum shelf life, best yields and freshness of all products.
  • Our trained staff, flexible process and other valuable services can meet your particular product and order specifications.

Below are some examples of the quality pork products that Rantoul Foods can provide to you. If you have a need that isn't listed, please contact us with your specifications. We can make to your order!


Pork Butts



For ham products, visit our sister company, Trim-Rite, Inc. 



Ribs & Bellies