Thank you for taking the time to learn a little more about the live side, here at Rantoul Foods. 

Rantoul Foods is a small, independent, family-owned business that prides ourselves on personal service.  It is important that our producers know Jan personally and that she can know them.  We believe in the humane handling guidelines, as set forth by USDA, and use best animal handling practices in Rantoul.  We expect our producers and the drivers to hold to the same humane standards.  All hogs purchased for Rantoul Foods are from PQA Plus certified farms and delivered by TQA certified drivers. We give animals, drivers and producers our personal attention as it relates to animal care/handling, accuracy of paperwork and marketing options

Meet our Livestock team

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Jan L. Allen
Livestock Procurement Manager

Jan grew up on a grain and livestock farm as a child. She continues this hobby when she is away from work. Following her childhood on the farm, Jan attended Kansas State where she obtained her BS in Animal Sciences and a Minor in Psychology. She continued hereducation at the University of Illinois and now has her Masters Degree in Agricultural Education.

Jan began working with Rantoul Foods in May or 2011 as our Barn Supervisor. In 2014 she was promoted to become our Livestock Procurement Manager. She is in charge of buying all of our hogs, managing all the contracts, acting as a liaison with the USDA, and works with producers to market hogs and solve issues. She can be reached 24-7 to help producers and drivers with any issues or problems. 

Line Leads

Line leads are our skilled employees who are in charge of training our newest employees. They serve as our extra eyes on the staff, animals and drivers to ensure that our hogs are kept as calm as possible.  

Scale Operators

Our scale operators are responsible for the coordination and accuracy of all paperwork that comes and goes with each of our groups of hogs. bill love

Clayton Crosby

Bill Loveless

Erika Bunch

Jonathan Teare

Upcoming livestock changes


CO2 Stunner 

We began construction on our CO2 Facility last fall. Due to the Illinois winter we've had this year, the project has been on and off. In order to construct this, we had to dig down nearly 40 ft.  With the snow coming and going, we had to plan around this. By installing this new CO2 Stunner, we will now be able to meet capacity that is assigned to our facility by the USDA. We are increasing our hogs/hr. by over 37%. Our old CO2 will now co-exist with our new to ensure that the most humane standards are being practiced. 


Barn Expansion

Details to come

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